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We're a rural design workshop.
We build hard-working brands,
hand-crafted, from a studio on a farm
in Camp Springs, Kentucky, in the rolling hills just south of Cincinnati. We're a team of thinkers, doers and makers, people with experience on some of the world's biggest brands. But down here we do things differently. We make an artisan product, carefully and proudly, in homage to the best of American branding and design.


Because small gives you control. And, as we said, we make an artisan product, so precision is everything. But really, we do this work to make ourselves happy, and the pride we derive from our work lives in exact proportion to the level of craftsmanship achieved. So while the rest of the world is looking for the "big idea," we focus on perfecting the small stuff. Crafting the details. Because we believe that's the proper way to do the work.









Brands we've crafted for: