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Braxton Brewing Co

Branding Platform and Development

Braxton Brewing Co started in a Kentucky garage. Early Saturday morning brewing sessions, a curious young Evan Rouse and a supportive family fermented this incredible dream. NSB sat with the co founders on a cold January day on their kitchen floor (literally) and listened to the stories, the vision and how this brand could be shaped into something grounded in Midwest values but progressive and curious. Poised to open in late 2014 in Covington, Kentucky the Braxton brand takes cues from the garage, custom typography and the Hop Eagle are bold expressions.

“An important connection already forged BY BRAXTON is with Keith Neltner of the famed Neltner Small Batch who did all the design and branding work for Braxton Brewing. NSB HAS been making waves with their detailed artistry in the beer and music scenes.  Take a gander at some of thegorgeous work created for Braxton Brewing.” 

                                                      -BREW PROFESSOR

More on this brand to come...