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Here’s to those who dare to dream big. Like the Rouse family did. Theirs was a humble dream born in a Kentucky family garage, a dream that’s become a flagship craft beer brand in the Midwest. And we’re proud to be part of that growth. In December 2013, Braxton Brewing co-founders, the Rouse family, asked Neltner Small Batch to partner with them and bring their marketing foundation to life with a brand as big as their dreams. And that we did.

Our partnership included the development and launch all of Braxton brand communication. Drop for drop, we matched the founder’s grit and determination with a fiery passion for perfection and creativity. The spark was ignited on a cold January day with a quintessential NSB “Flannel Session” on the Rouse family kitchen floor (literally) where we listened to the family stories and dreams that fermented in the garage on Braxton Drive, their hub of invention.

Humbly grounded in Midwest values, we brought the brand to life — we crafted a brand identity with timeless, iconic appeal and an aspirational tagline “Lift One to Life” to capture Braxton’s emotional connection with the community. Product architecture, naming, original core can design, external signage, tap handle design… there wasn’t a detail untouched. Our brand storytelling that has already become legendary, including “The Garage is the Mother of Invention. And Around Here We Respect Our Mothers” and extensions of the Braxton brand like Starter Coffee, “Coffee so bold, it tells your dad when he’s had enough.”

Additionally, a brand essence film “Born in the Garage” debuted at the grand opening of the taproom showcasing the building of the brand. A massive brand mural is the focal point of the taproom boldly and confidently capturing the brand origin and the heart of midwestern pride. Pure joy, respect and a soul-stirring passion encompassed all that was crafted with the Rouse family.

The Batch:
Creative Director – Keith Neltner
Brand Leader – Andi Bussard
Writer – Jeff Chambers
Art Director – Keith Neltner
Designer – Kyle Ebersole, Chris Dye, Elani Sininger
Photographer – Brian Steege
Editor – Tate Webb
Lead Muralist – Keith Neltner, Stacey Vallerie
Assisting Muralists – Chris Dye, Rick Neltner, Kyle Ebersole, Andi Bussard