We make art, carefully and proudly, in homage to the best of American branding and design.


“The fella at the burning center of the NSB fire: Keith Neltner. A Tri-State boy through and through, Keith’s work is the manifestation of all the (best) things for which our area is known. The creativity and the industry. The pluck and the perseverance. The individual come from the collective. The moment. The history. The future over the horizon.”
– Cincinnati Magazine


Much of Keith’s career has been spent developing brand identities and support materials for large consumer packaged goods companies. You’d know the names if we mentioned them. Health care, hair products, pet food, soft drinks and candy brands, among numerous others. And he’s proud of that work. But the branding we do best at Neltner Small Batch is for products and services just slightly left of center.

With over two decades of road under his feet both in the music industry and the branding world, Keith Neltner leads Neltner Small Batch, a team of creative people – strategists, designers, writers, photographers, developers – based in a studio aptly constructed as a gambrel style barn in Camp Springs. Partnering with the best people he can find, Keith is never far removed from the work, so that quality is assured, and the vision he has for the brand is realized.

Values nurtured by an upbringing of hands-on hard work mesh perfectly with artistic sensibilities sharpened in what many argue is the center of the consumer-marketing universe.

“Keith is a real artist with depth rarely found in our day in age. I have no doubt his art will be revered and analyzed for years to come. An American classic.”
-Shooter Jennings


The work is molded by a partnership of people equally driven and dedicated to their particular craft. Many creatives are drawn to the energy, but the fortunate few who are invited to join a project have a tangible authenticity about them—they prefer swinging an ax to slinging the bull.

“They do it all: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Identity, Illustration, Typography, Fine Art, Murals, you name it. And with a conviction and point-of-view that amplifies the companies and brands that have the smarts to collaborate with them.”
– Ferko Goldinger (Appleton Paper)