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Once we unearthed the historical significance of Boone County Distillery, it was time to bring that history forward into exciting brand touch points. The question became “how do the past and bourbon forefathers inform what we express today?”

Fortunately, with a project this significant, we immediately recognized numerous opportunities, and the ideas we brought to the table were given careful consideration and inspired lively discussion (sometimes over bourbon). For example, the flagship bourbon bottle was influenced by a 200-year-old Kentucky flask bottle — shaped into a proprietary mold produced in amber and clear glass. Echoes of history are evident in the naming of products, label designs and tax strips for Eighteen 33, Tanner’s Curse, and White Hall Bourbon Cream – all products we named.

Another important contribution to the Boone County launch is the installation of a branded tasting room and Bourbon Trail Museum Tour within the distiller’s facility. Fully concepted, designed, and written by the team, these branded spaces tell the Boone County story while patrons can sip a sample of history. Never underestimate the power of ghosts.

The Batch:
Creative Director – Keith Neltner
Brand Leader – Andi Bussard
Research – Andi Bussard, Sarah Leugers, Keith Neltner
Writer – Jeff Chambers, Sarah Leugers
Designer – Kyle Ebersole, Chris Dye
Photographer – Ryan Kurtz
Illustrator – Tom Post
Creative Developer – Daren Crigler