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If you’ve always thought of that legendary bird in Edgar Allen Poe terms — you know, that dark, “nevermore” crap — well you need to think again. Because in several cultures, the raven has long been known as a symbol of brightness, or opportunity, a symbol of the sun. If you connect the symbol of the sun to a workday in Waltham “The Watch City” Massachusetts, all manner of essential images come to mind. Like rising before dawn to get to work. And staying long after the sun goes down to finish the work. Because working around the clock, not limited by the cycles of the sun, was how we were defined. “Time no longer conformed to the natural rhythm of the sun, but to the mechanical pace of the railroad station clock and factory whistle.” What’s more, ravens gather knowledge and are messengers, they build tools and are known for incredible smarts. Just like the hard working people of Waltham. We echo that history through our streets, factories, and railways. In that essence there is also something mythical we can only imagine and romanticize about centuries later. Brewer’s Tap & Table brand is a tension of organic and mechanical through the unexpected juxtaposition that still shapes our people and city today.

Brewer’s Tap & Table restaurant and brewery resides on Moody Street in historic downtown Waltham, Massachusetts.

The Batch:
Creative Director – Keith Neltner
Brand Leader – Andi Bussard
Writer – Jeff Chambers
Illustrator – Tom Post