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Within the gritty industrial streetscapes of Long Island City, New York, resides a tight-knit neighborhood and a thriving diverse art community. One subway stop from Manhattan, in the borough of Queens, in a city which was a factory neighborhood a century ago. Imagination and reinvention are core to the city’s vibe and hold true in the vision for LIC Beer Project, led by Founder and Head Brewer, Daniel Acosta, whose curiosity for beer has driven LIC Beer Project to be a powerhouse New York brewery. The convergence of science and art has elevated the expectations of beer connoisseurs and has created a frenzy for each new brew addition. Not bound by category norms and driven by limitless ingenuity, Neltner Small Batch’s canvas of the can has ignited passion among the beer community and art collectors alike. The canvas spears the heart of the LIC Beer Project brand, each bringing depth, discovery and meaning to its consumers. Neltner Small Batch and LIC Beer Project proudly boast a 3+ year partnership, 57+ captivating labels designs, and over 25 thousand Instagram followers— an homage to the imaginative power of beer and art.

The Batch:
Creative Director – Keith Neltner
Brand Leader – Andi Bussard
Writer – Jeff Chambers
Illustrator/Designer – Keith Neltner
Illustrator – Andy Sohoza
Collaborating Illustrators – Rob Warnick, Chris Dye