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In 1865 St. Joseph Church was constructed on the highest ridge in the valley, and the people had a path to salvation. To build the church, bricks were made from clay dug near Four Mile Creek, and fired at nearly 2000 degrees in wood-fired kilns.
At the base of the hill beneath the church ridge, a shoe cobbler named Matthias Kremer built a small house from the same bricks. His home would be used as a dance hall, general store, and in the 1880s, a tavern. As it remains more than a century later.
These days, the Tavern is owned and operated by the Neltner family of Camp Springs. Meaning it’s a celebration of art, music, hand made craftsmanship, and, of course, good beer. And our promise is this: We will be true to those that preceded us. Our tavern will be dedicated to the honest, humble people that worked the land and built the community in this valley.

The Batch:
Creative Director – Keith Neltner
Writer – Jeff Chambers
Illustrators – Tom Post, Andy Sohoza, Keith Neltner, Aaron May, Oliver Meinerding, Chris Dye