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Whenever our good friend Dave Knox comes to see us, we get pretty excited. Dave’s an entrepreneur, and you never know what he’s going to bring into the studio. This time, he had just purchased a brand of natural skin care products sold primarily in rural retail, including Tractor Supply, and asked us to help him sharpen that brand for competition in larger markets. In other words, create a refreshed brand that respects its heritage but also competes in the modern world.

Formulated in 2009 by Tennesseean Michelle Mills to help a family member with pain relief, Nature’s Willow blends natural products for an effective formula used by country folk for generations. The key ingredient is white willow bark, which contains proven natural pain relief properties, and was an important differentiator in the brand’s name.

The brand positioning and identity had to communicate the benefit quickly and NSB brought a refreshed sensibility into the brand’s existing rural language. The positioning we created — Rooted in Relief — connected feature and benefit beautifully, and custom brand colors were chosen to break through the clutter at shelf and create a visual relief benefit before the consumer has even tried the soothing balm. This brand is ready to go toe-to-toe with the best of them.

The Batch:
Creative Director – Keith Neltner
Brand Leader – Andi Bussard
Writer – Jeff Chambers
Designers – Keith Neltner
Illustrators – Keith Neltner & Tom Post